Author: Louis Price

Payday loan forgiveness

Loan forgiveness consolidation -Learn more for payday loan forgiveness now

Learn more for payday loan forgiveness now Payday loan consolidation is one of the methods that works today and if you want it your loans can be forgiven. They use this process for various reasons! The most common is the reduction of current credits as well as better management of repayments. But beware, this operation should not […]


Loan margins are rising – higher installments need to be paid

With a minimum (5%) own contribution, the average margin is 2.08%. At the beginning of the year, it was 1.65 and 1.94 percent, respectively. It can, therefore, be concluded that this year, banks have already increased loan installments by USD 20-30 (depending on their own contribution) in the case of a loan for USD 300,000. […]


Phishing loan – is it a crime?

Formalized procedures for granting loans or cash loans in banks mean that not everyone has the opportunity to incur such an obligation. Then you may be tempted to fake a contract of employment or income statement and forge the signature of an employer or other third party. Sometimes it also happens that a person has […]


How to choose the best loan for an apartment?

The offer of these banks is obviously not uniform. The main differences relate to the interest rate, own contribution, commission on granting the loan or the loan period. Without any own deposit, you can get a USD loan. The other institutions mentioned requiring a 10-25% contribution. Customers have high-income requirements Customers have high-income requirements. Good […]


Leasing or credit? – what is more profitable?

Many entrepreneurs, standing before buying a fixed asset for a company, wonder what to choose: leasing or credit ? What will be the most convenient, cheapest and most beneficial solution? Check the differences between an investment lease and an operating loan. Leasing or credit? – what to consider When considering loan and leasing, it’s good […]


The average earnings of Poles are not enough for a loan for housing in a large city

Poles’ earnings are growing, but their creditworthiness is rising – experts warn. In the largest Polish cities, an average salary may not be enough to take out a loan for an apartment. Couples and residents of smaller voivodship cities are in a better situation, where prices per square meter are definitely lower than in e.g. […]

You are running out of money for loans for the unemployed

You don’t have a job, but you dream about your own business and would like to get a grant from an intermediary to get you started? Then you better hurry up! This year, money for supporting entrepreneurial unemployed is almost four times less than last year. Reason? The government has radically limited the stream of […]


Non-bank loans – what is it?

  Non-bank loans are a short-term solution to secure finance quickly, but not for everyone. You haven’t practically used your loans yet. Do you have something spared and your husband both have a steady income. But a couple of weeks ago my husband got hurt and one salary is getting worse. This is a fairly […]


Loan consolidation: increasingly personalized offers

  Offer useful funding by making each profile unique in order to better meet their needs. This is the challenge for establishments specializing in the repurchase of credit (real estate, consumption). Using data to better target borrowers According to some observers, the use of data can help better target borrower profiles. In fact, it allows […]


Credit and loan – what are the differences between them?

In everyday language, often interchangeably used the terms of the loan and the loan. However, in practice, loan and loan agreements are not straightforward – they differ in terms of rules, legal basis, and also by which entities they can be granted. What is the difference between a loan and a loan ? We explain […]