You are running out of money for loans for the unemployed

You don’t have a job, but you dream about your own business and would like to get a grant from an intermediary to get you started? Then you better hurry up! This year, money for supporting entrepreneurial unemployed is almost four times less than last year.

Reason? The government has radically limited the stream of money directed to the Labor Fund. Over the past few years, it was exactly the opposite – these amounts have been steadily increasing, and thanks to this, nearly 7900 unemployed received a grant to open their own business last year (a record amount of nearly USD 147 million was spent for this purpose). One of them is Maria Swadźba – running a private kindergarten in Orzesze.

There is a huge demand in the market for such facilities


So I was sure that the idea would work. All I needed was money. Without subsidies, I would not have a chance to start my own kindergarten – admits Mrs. Maria, who was on the unemployment register until recently, and now has an overcomplete number of children in her institution and is about to launch a second ward. Limiting the government’s help means that similar people will have a much harder time implementing their ideas.

Those who took advantage of help last year were lucky – admits Aleksandra Zaręba from the Provincial Labor Office in Katowice.

What did they take?


Most subsidies were distributed in the Zagłębie region. In Sosnowiec, Będzin, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Jaworzno and Zawiercie, over 1800 people benefited from such assistance. For money from an “intermediary”, they usually opened renovation and construction companies, cosmetics or hairdressing salons, car workshops or online stores. 

Due to the family situation, women raising children often decide on their own activities. They want to work and at the same time have their time. It also happens that people lost their jobs for several decades and then they stated that they could do the same on their own account – says Anna Nowosielska from the Poviat Labor Office in Sosnowiec.

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